Yeah! :D We put this light-up inflatable ornament thing on our address-card-thing holder at the end of our driveway too! ^.^ Weve got this inflatable snowman here somewhere too, and I think were gonna get that det up tomorrow! :o

FurVilla is open for registration now too, and the whole sites been lagging and going offline off and on all night because of it, aha. xD It reminds me of when they opened registration for beta, when I joined, too. Ah well though, itll all calm down in a couple days, and I like that the communitys bigger now! :3

I got to submit Jakks paintie tonight too, and thats already been approved, which is really cool! :D Im reeeally happy about it ahaha~ ewe 

Anyway, I wish I could write more here tonight, but Im really tired and I kEEP MAKING TYPOS ;V; So I think Im gonna get off for tonight and go get ready to sleep for tonight, I might watch a youtube video before I sleep but ehhh, Im not sure if I will or not. xD

Either way, Ill be on again tomorrow for sure! ^-^ Ill try to get more written here then! :D 

Night guys! owo